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Monacan Services

OUR MISSION: The purpose of Monacan Services is to enhance independent functioning and community integration of people with intellectual disabilities through a coordinated, comprehensive, individualized program of services.

Monacan Services tries to help each person reach his or her maximum potential in social, recreational and self-help skills by providing education, training and support. Services are provided in a manner that is as least restrictive and culturally normative as possible.

Services provided are person centered, with the individual directing the services, training and supports provided.

Monacan Services is a group of programs providing training, support and supervision for people with intellectual disabilities and offering individual supports and assistance with everyday tasks. Individuals developing work skills and others are working to enter the community work force.

Activities oriented to the interests and goals of each person can include:

  • Delivering meals in the local community for Meals on Wheels
  • Getting out into the community for events such as state and local fairs.
  • Interacting with local merchants and services such as grocers, pharmacies, orchards and restaurants.
  • Paid work in a supervised setting to include assembling, collating, janitorial and recycling
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