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Jessica Childress
Virginia House Supervisor
Goochland Powhatan Community Services
3058 River Road West
P.O. Box 189
Goochland, Virginia 23063
(804) 556-5462
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Virginia House

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Virginia House is a psychiatric rehabilitation program for persons with serious mental illness that began in 1984 as part of Goochland Powhatan Community Services. In 1987 the program expanded from a two-day to a five-day a week operation. We currently provide psycho-educational groups and wellness groups, opportunities to gain independence through unit activities and paid work crews, as well as outings to engage with other programs/peers and the larger community. Our basic program hours are 8:30-3:30. The focus of programming, which is voluntary, is to develop a person’s ability to self-manage the symptoms of mental illness, develop stronger social skills, increase independence, and better function as a part of the larger community. Each participant has an individualized plan of action with goals and objectives that they developed with Virginia House staff. That staff consists of a supervisor and two psychiatric rehabilitation counselors, as well as two peer support specialists. Our program is coordinated with services received from psychiatrists, case managers, and skill building services.

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