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Ellen Garrabrant
Goochland Powhatan Community Services
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Goochland-Powhatan Community Services
Substance Abuse Disorders Services

Clinical Services offers outpatient substance abuse treatment to adolescents and adults in Goochland and Powhatan counties. Services include assessment, individual, group and family counseling, psychiatric and nursing services, case management, and referral for inpatient or residential treatment. Persons with co-occurring disorders in which substance abuse is complicated by a diagnosable mental illness, can also receive treatment in the Substance Abuse Program.

  • Outpatient Treatment –Assessment, individual, family therapy and/or group sessions and the referral and collaboration with more intensive levels of care, if deemed therapeutically appropriate.
  • Group Treatment –Educational and Process groups are offered.
  • Integrated Treatment for Co-occurring Disorders –Treatment for mental health issues complicated by substance abuse or dependence.
  • Medication Therapy –Psychiatric Evaluation by a Psychiatrist or Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and Psychotherapeutic medications as deemed necessary.
  • Relapse Prevention –Training in methods to avoid resumed use of a substance when all physiological dependence has ended.
  • Court Ordered Substance Abuse Evaluation --Assessment, Evaluation, Urine Drug Screen, and Recommendations for Treatment Options. With signed Authorization to Release Information, correspondence with Department of Social Services, Courts or ASAP will occur, in order to comply with court orders.

  • Intensive Treatment –GPCS does not offer modes of substance abuse treatment which require 24-hour attention such as detoxification or residential care, or intensive outpatient treatment. Persons in need of these intensive services will be referred to other providers.
  • Confidentiality –The confidentiality of information in GPCS records is guaranteed under federal statutes dealing with protected health information generally, and stricter standards which apply to substance abuse treatment information.
  • Urinalysis and Drug Surveillance – The policy of the Substance Abuse program is that urinalysis is voluntary, but is recommended in order to provide the most effective treatment. Courts and probation or parole officers may also require that their supervisees conform to all program recommendations, including urinalysis.
  • Costs of Services –Persons seeking services will have an appointment with GPCS’s Reimbursement office in order to establish a schedule of fees for their services which is appropriate to their ability to pay. GPCS accepts most insurance coverage which includes behavioral health benefits. Court Ordered Substance Abuse Evaluations outside the parameters of an open active Outpatient Case, are charged a one time fee of $135.00 to be collected at time of service.

For locations and telephone numbers, click here. If this is an emergency, click here.

    Non-emergency requests for services are accepted by telephone or on a walk-in basis during operating hours at the Goochland (804-556-5400) and Powhatan (804-598-2200) offices.
    • A brief assessment will be conducted, requiring 20-30 minutes.
    • Assessments are carried out by highly-trained clinicians. If the situation is determined to be an emergency, a face-to-face session will be scheduled, usually the same day.
    • Parents or legal guardians may request services for children. Other requests must be made by the person in need of services. Children do not have to have parental permission to request services.
    • Subsequent treatment sessions may be with a therapist other than the clinician conducting the assessment.

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